Tabitha Carro teaches small business owners and people working on their side hustles how to use their phones to create visual appealing graphics for social media.

Are you a small business owner who doesn’t have the time to learn all the social media platforms and tools? Tabitha recommends sticking to just one platform, and give yourself time to learn. Be there on that one platform, and just be present and engaged.

Tabitha recommends really getting involved with Stories, and experimenting with how to tell your story visually, adding stickers, dates, tagging people, and watching other people’s Stories to see what they’re doing.

Tools Tabitha Recommends:

To reformat images for Stories, Tabitha recommends an app called Inshot (for both iPhone and Android) that allows you to modify your images accordingly for Stories.

To add text to your images and Stories, Wordswag is an app (for both iPhone and Android) to let you add more stylized fonts, add a watermark, and your logo, and more before posting.

Tabitha suggests also adding a one sentence of what your short video is about to help reinforce the message.

To Build a Huge Following:

If you want long-term progress, you need to be focused on building a community. It’s a process centered around giving, but will pay off in the end.

Want to see more of Tabitha’s work? You can find her at the links below: – Several free online courses, including one on how to start promoting your business with your phone

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