Beverley is a Social Media Strategist from Canada. Her title is “Your Favorite Social Media Strategist”, which is one of the greatest titles I’ve ever heard.

She gave some great information on this episode, including:

1. Start building a content database of striking images. Take pictures wherever you are and wherever you go.
2. You’re not just competing with other businesses, you’re competing with people’s family and friends for their attention.
3. If it’s not a striking image – put it in your Story. Stories is a great place for images that aren’t top quality.

There are some great Instagram hacks we discussed in this episode, including:

1. How to tell if someone blocked you
2. How to see someone’s posts if they’re private
3. How to like every follower a particular user has
4. How to start collecting email addresses
5. How to download people’s Instagram stories, even if they’re set to private
6. How to use Instagram from the PC to answer Direct Messages and comments using your keyboard

Check out Beverley online using the links below (she has one of the best websites I’ve ever seen!):