How to Use Instagram To Market Your Small Business

Marisa from AllTheSocial is a self-starter. She’s taken on a variety of roles that led to her owning her own small business, offering her social media experience to clients. She started on Instagram at the outset, when things were old school. How old school? She started using Instagram on her iPod Touch. Back in the day, we had to email pictures to ourselves or use Dropbox to get them from the PC to the phone. (Those tricks still work, by the way.)

Marisa’s focus has been on working with small businesses on Instagram. She empowers small business owners by creating visual content for them, teaching them to post valuable content by being a real person, not products or services, which builds trust and helps them engage with people.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, find what really matters to you (hint: it’s not your product or your service), and then convey that through pictures. That’s called your brand identity. How do you convey it using pictures? You tell your story. You show that you are a real human, not a brand. You have ups and downs. You make mistakes. You want to work with people just like you. Your success will be determined by how well you can convey that through pictures.

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