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Instagram Launches New Threads App and Restrict Mode

So much Instagram news today, it's crazy. First, if you use the Close Friends features within Instagram Stories a lot, you'll love this. Instagram has launched a new app called "Threads" that I talked about a while ago. Threads is a dedicated messaging app for interacting with your Instagram Close Friends via photo, video, or

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram vs. TikTok

Yesterday, the audio of an internal Facebook meeting held by Mark Zuckerberg was leaked. It's long, but I'm going to focus on the relevant part that applies to the future of Instagram vs. TikTok. If you're not familiar with it, TikTok (formerly Musically) is a top downloaded social media app where people create short lip-syncing

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New Features for Story Camera Uncovered

There's SO much Instagram news right now it's literally C R A Z Y. Boomerangs are getting revamped. Layouts are being brought to Stories. The Story Camera is changing. So much more! Instagram's Product Team probably doesn't sleep. 1. Instagram is revamping Boomerangs, including different modes like Classic (the one we know and

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Instagram’s “Close Friends” with Robby Stein – Part 2

I have whiskey and I'm sitting on a throne, which means I keep breaking down Instagram into small, understandable pieces for you. Over the past few days on my #alexa show, I've been going super deep into Instagram's "Close Friends" feature based on a @verge interview of @Robby. Robby Stein is Product Manager at Instagram

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Instagram’s “Close Friends” Feature with Robby Stein – Part 1

Today I'm going to do a deep dive into Instagram's "Close Friends" feature based on a @verge interview of @Robby. Robby Stein is Product Manager at Instagram in charge of the consumer product team across Stories, Feed, Messaging, Camera, and Profile (OMG that's so much!!) This is really important if: 👨‍💼 You want to keep

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Free Information To Get As Many Likes As Possible

Today's topic: FREE information to get as many likes as possible. It's called Instagram Insights. Here's the background info - the Instagram algorithm rewards posts that get a lot of likes and comments very quickly after being posted. If your post gets rewarded by the algorithm, it will show your post to more and more

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Instagram Creator Accounts Add Scheduling of Posts!

HUGE  INSTAGRAM  NEWS! If you have a Creator Account, @instagram has added the ability to schedule Feed posts and IGTV posts using Facebook Creator Studio! If you're the kind of person who plans out their content in advance, or if you're scheduling posts using an app like @latermedia or @planoly, this gives a free alternative

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Instagram Creator Accounts – Should You Switch?

Yesterday @tailwindapp had a great blog post - "Instagram Creator Accounts - Should I Switch?", which I featured on my show today. I've had the Creator account for nearly 2 weeks now (and I finally got the Music sticker! Are these things related?!?) Let's get deep on the different kinds of Instagram accounts so you

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Insights into Instagram’s Direct Messaging – Part 3

Today's the 3rd part of the series I've been doing based off an interview from @verge about Instagram's Direct Messaging, featuring Connor Hayes, Instgram's head of Product for Messaging. If you missed the last 2 parts, check out my previous posts. Last October Mark Zuckerberg said a growing number of users are shifting from posting

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Insights into Instagram’s Direct Messaging – Part 2

Today I go deeper into the highlights of @verge's interview with Instagram's head of Product for Messaging, Connor Hayes, all about Direct Messages.  He explained that "when we do go talk to people in research, we know that younger people, especially, tend to use a lot of different messaging apps and spread out their conversations

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Insights into Instagram’s Direct Messaging – Part 1

It's easy to underestimate the power of Instagram Direct Messaging. @verge did an interview with Instagram's head of Product for Instagram Messaging, Connor Hayes, specifically about Direct Messaging and how it's used. It's a long interview with a ton of very valuable insights, so I'm going to break it up into a few posts with

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Instagram Content Quick Tip

From now on, I'm going to try and post more quick content tips. Ready? If you want a bigger audience, post images and videos that are so great, your followers feel compelled to share them by tagging other people. How do you do that? Post content that's either: 1. funny. 2. entertaining. 3. extremely interesting,

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Instagram is Generation Z’s Go-To Source of Political News

Last night Business Insider had a great article - "Instagram is Gen Z's go-to source of political news — and it's already having an impact on the 2020 election”. I covered this in-depth on my Alexa show but there are 2 points I wanted to highlight. 1. Where Generation Z gets its news - 59%

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Instagram’s 3rd most followed person doesn’t have the app on her phone

Back story that you need to know first: the top 3 biggest people on Instagram are @cristiano (Cristiano Ronaldo), @arianagrande and @selenagomez. This week, Selena Gomez said in an interview that she doesn't have the Instagram app on her phone, and only uses a friend's phone periodically to check in on her account. I talked

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Instagram and the word “Creator”

  Instagram has so many new features they've announced that all feature the word "Creator". The newest option Instagram is now offering are Creator Accounts. This is confusing because Instagram uses the word "Creator" to describe the new scroll wheel of options in the Stories camera (called "Create Mode") AND the Creator Studio within Facebook

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I took on Instagram’s Legal Team and…..

A few weeks ago, I joined a Facebook group to help me find guests for my Instagram themed podcast, called “The Instagram Stories”. I posted my request for guests who were versed on building a following, then checked back later to see this response from a random person: “Daniel, I’ve had a few friends recently

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The One Tool Your Calendar Needs – And It’s Free

To have guests on my podcast, I'd email them asking if they'd be interested in coming on, they'd respond saying they'd love to, then I'd send over some times/dates that would work, then they would respond with some other times/dates that would work for them, then we'd agree on one, but then something would change,

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Instagram Q&A – Part 2

Q&A continues to be one of my favorite things. Here's more Instagram Q&A!   Q: What are Stories? A: Stories are short, disposable posts that last for 24 hours. You can add photos or videos to your story, and people watch and tap through them like television. Viewers can reply to stories, and you’ll get

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Instagram Q&A – Part One

When I attend a conference or a talk, the Q&A section is always my favorite part. It’s one thing to prepare a talk, but it’s another to field questions from those who are trying to grasp this new information. Here's some Q&A geared toward to a small business owner or entrepreneur who is completely new

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What’s The Best Way To Use Instagram at a Conference or Event To Get More Followers?

Headed to a conference, convention, or other event? Here’s how to use this opportunity to get more followers. (Caveat: the point is not just to get followers for the sake of followers, but actually find people who you can have meaningful relationships with. These relationships could be coaching, being mentored, sharing business opportunities, or working

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I Figured Out How To Build a Mailing List So You Don’t Have To

So many people are obsessed with email lists. "How many people are on your email list?" they ask. "How engaged is your email list?" Email lists are not new. I had an email list back in 1998. I made a fake advice column, and people would email me questions, and I would make up silly

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I Went to College for Technology So You Don’t Have To

People constantly tell me "I don't know anything about computers or phones. I didn't grow up with this stuff." I feel the same way about cars or anything home repair related.  I didn't grow up fixing cars or houses. I'm constantly trying to figure out how people know how to fix cars and houses. I

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The Easiest Way to Prevent Your Instagram or Facebook (or Email) from Being Hacked

My screen popped up with a message from a friend. “Help!” it said. “I’m on vacation and I lost my wallet and I’m stuck! Can you wire me $2,000?” I sent a text to my friend to verify this, and it turned out he wasn’t on vacation at all. “People have been asking me about

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How to Solve the Biggest Problems With hashtags

Hashtags are typically described as discovery tools. "The best discovery method", you might hear. "The best way to be found," someone might say.  But ask yourself - when was the last time you personally clicked on a hashtag? If you're like me, you don't click on hashtags very often. You may occasionally, to see where

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The Instagram 101

I remember hearing about Instagram in 2012, signing up, and being confused at the concept. "Why do we need Instagram if Facebook already exists? Who wants to see pictures of other people's food?" And this was before the selfie craze was born. Here's the way to think about it, using a brief foray into recent

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What Are Your Questions About Instagram? Here Are 10 More Answers (Part 2)

In case you missed it, I recently answered 10 questions about Instagram here. But the questions kept coming in, so I made a second blog post. Here's round 2! 11. What type of posts encourage interaction, versus which ones get passed over? It depends on your audience, there are so many variables. I recommend posts

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What Are Your Questions About Instagram? Here’s 20 Answers (Part 1)

Last week, I started writing a book about social media, to give away for free to you. It's getting long, but I felt like it might not be addressing the questions that you might be wondering. I asked on a couple of Facebook groups filled with smart people "do you mind giving me your top

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How Instagram & Snapchat Stories Can Help You Build Relationships In Ways Blogging & Vlogging Cannot

How Instagram and Snapchat Stories Can Help You Build Relationships In Ways Blogging and Vlogging Cannot Are you too busy to blog? Even if you had the time, you have to write in an engaging way, and you need to write regularly. You need to buy appropriate pictures for the post, or take your own

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How Snapchat Helps You Build Relationships In Ways an Email List, Blogging and Facebook Cannot

Do you have an email list? Do you have a Facebook page? Do you want to reach a younger, wider audience? If so, keep reading. If you don't like to read, here's a 45 second video with the highlights. Once upon a time, way back in 2010, I went on a job interview with

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