Connecting a computer to the TV – and why

This subject is one that’s absolutely amazing, once you take the plunge. Sure, it’s kind of strange having a computer in the living room. Sure, you have to find somewhere to hide it, or make it look like part of the furniture. But the amount of things it opens up...

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How to Pick Your Next Mobile Phone

This is a great question I get all the time. I’m going to break this down into categories as much as possible. First, ask yourself – what do I want my mobile phone to do? Do I want to email from it? Sync with Outlook or Microsoft Exchange? Send instant...

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Printing on both sides

This has irked me for years. Why waste half a piece of paper when printing? Duplex printers address this issue well – they print a page out, then suck it back into print on the other side. But what if you don’t have a printer that supports automatic duplexing? Printers...

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