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Would You Recommend Buying Twitter or Instagram Followers?

This question came up in the online session I did on Tuesday night (watch the replay here!) and since some people prefer to read, here's the answer. The general opinion of social media professionals is that buying followers is wrong. It's not authentic. It's not organic. On one level, I totally agree with that.  But

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Who Are You?

Hi. I'm Daniel Hill.  I have to ask you a couple of things, if you don't mind.First, I don't know who you are. You're kind enough to come to my website and read my writing, but I don't know a lot about you other than that. I read a number of websites every day, some of

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How To Be Happier

  Everyone wants to be happy.  In 2011, 33% of Americans claimed to be happy, a drop of 2% from 2008. That means 66%, or most people, aren't happy. And I know why. I'm a people-watcher. I could do it all day, every day. My favorite part of vacations is going somewhere new to watch

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What’s Your Worldview?

How do you view the world? What statement defines your personal outlook? When building a following, it's necessary to determine your worldview before doing anything else, because it gives prospective members of your tribe something to identify with.You don't need everyone to identify with your worldview - but the ones who do identify with it are the

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My Idea to Improve Social

Twitter has been described as the world's largest cocktail party. I think that's a great description. But with that comes the sheer volume of information that goes 24 hours per day.  Managing that flow of information can be hard. To help manage it, the phrase "Follow easily. Unfollow even more easily," gets thrown around. Here's

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Are You Trying to Be Great At Everything?

Everyone has strengths and other things that they’re … not as good at. In 1993, after winning 3 championships, the greatest basketball player in the history of the sport quit to play baseball. His father had always wanted him to play professional baseball, so he tried. And while he wasn't terrible, he wasn't great. How could

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What No One Is Doing in 2014

Everyone wants to have more followers. When you get one on social media, you think "yay! New follower! I must be doing something right!" And typically, you'll look briefly at the person's profile. If you go the extra mile, maybe you'll Google them. Maybe you'll even try to reach out to them personally with a

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How To Build A Following

If you've read the first article I wrote, you know "Why A Following Is Important". Now, let's talk about how you grow one of your own. The first step is to start figuring out a way to tell others what you're passionate about.  It doesn't have to be huge steps.  Here are some small steps

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Know Anyone for Social Media Marketing Platform?

Earlier today, one of my contacts, Rachel, posted on Facebook the following: Know anyone that needs an internship (there is a small stipend) ...See below: message me for the inside scoop.  Successful Construction and Real Estate Services Company is seeking an Intern to assist with Setting up our Social Media Marketing Platform. We’re an established

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Why (and How) To Get An Online Following

In my daily life, I often ask people to tell me about themselves.  I usually start with the question - "what do you love"? The responses I get frequently amaze me.  People tell me incredible stories about their passions, including lengths they've gone through, money they've invested into their passions and money they've earned.  Often,

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JFK’s Message — Still Relevant 5o Years Later

    Today is the 50th anniversary of JFK's death. A lot has changed in 50 years. Like many others my age, I learned about JFK from history books, watching Kevin Costner directed by Oliver Stone, and Jerry Seinfeld mocking Kevin Costner directed by Oliver Stone. Watching TV earlier this week, I saw footage of

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My Biggest Problem

I read a blog post by Jon Morrow the other day that really got me thinking. It was called “How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers” (I’ll give you the link to read it at the bottom).  The post impacted me because in my career, I’ve firmly tried to be a “jack

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My Biggest Failure

So This Is What Failure Feels Like: My boss had called me into his office.  I was responsible for selling software no one seemed to want.  On his desk was a piece of paper listing all the issues he had with my performance. Some of them were true, some of them weren’t. Some of them

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5 Things Blackberry Can Do To Save Itself

  Every morning, I walk past a giant screen advertising Blackberry’s latest devices.  I have a Blackberry for work, and I am not interested at all in their devices, mostly because I’m already invested in an app eco-system – Android.  Which got me thinking – what could Blackberry do to save itself? #1. Give away

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Google Voice – One Year In – And Why You Need It

I've been using Google Voice for just over a year now.  Here's what I love about it, and here's what I can't stand. What is Google Voice?: It's a voice management system (handling phone calls and text messages) available online and through an app - you can place calls through it, send text messages through

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What Should I Do When Setting Up My New Computer?

New Computer Set Up Process When people get a new computer, after plugging it, they often don't know what to do next. Here are the steps I take. 1. Turn it on, go through whatever process is necessary to get to your desktop (or Windows 8 Home Screen). Install Windows Updates and reboot. 2. Browse to

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Watching Movies on Your Tablet – Or, Converting Physical Media to Digital

In this two part series, we'll be discussing why it's important to convert your media (like CDs and DVDs) to digital files (like .mp3 and .mp4) for all your various needs, including future-proofing - and how to do it. Here are some terms we'll be using throughout this article, with their definitions: Content - Media

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy An iPad (or a Tablet) … Yet

Why You Shouldn't Buy An iPad (or a Tablet) ... Yet People ask me for recommendations/opinions on tablets about once a week. Although I'd love one (especially if it was given as a gift!) I don't own one.  Lately, I've been recommending the B&N Nook Tablet to friends because of it's low price point ($200!)

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Why Google Needs $0.10 Apps

In recognition of reaching the milestone of 10 billion apps downloaded, Google has offered select apps for $0.10 over the next few days.  This is a great promotion, but Google has needed to do something like this for a long time. Here's the reason why: Android does not build loyalty in users. New Android devices

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Why You Need to Stop Using Windows XP

  Before 2000, Windows was not great. It had it's good points, but there wasn't anything worth writing home about.  Windows XP was first the consumer focused operating system  built on the Windows NT kernel, generally agreed upon to be more stable and memory efficient than Windows 95/98/98SE/ME.  Over time, Windows XP has been shown

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My Favorite Thing about Apple

Bet you never thought you'd see me say I like something Apple related!  I'll say it so everyone hears it - I love iTunes!  Not for it's music management abilities (although those are very good, in some ways), but rather, the feature of iTunes called "Airplay". What is it? Your music library is on your

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How To Communicate With Young People

  When I was younger, my parents would often suggest that I write a letter to my grandparents.  At the time, it kind of seemed like an odd thing to do, but getting a letter in the mail was (and still is) a great feeling - but I couldn't tell you the last time I

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How to Prevent Facebook Viruses (and Remove Them!)

You sign into Facebook, and are confronted with something new on your wall.  It's begging to be clicked on.  It promises you something funny, something revealing about someone else, or information about your profile you'd love to know. So - do you click on it? How could you pass that up?  Of course, it may

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5 Reasons You Should Be on Twitter

I talk about twitter a fair bit, and I notice people have one of 3 reactions.  They either say "I didn't know you were on Twitter! I'll follow you! What's your twitter name?", or they give me a vague, blank look as if to say "I already have Facebook, why do I need Twitter?" or,

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Why App Buying is Broken

Yesterday, a friend emailed me to ask if he should get an iPad or a Motorola XOOM.  He wanted my honest opinion, and so I told him what the deciding factor needed to be - did he own already own apps for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, or Android apps? Although the devices cost similar amounts, the costs

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