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Podcast #12 – How To Have a Successful Relationship – Melissa Schneider

Melissa Schneider is relationship coach based in New Jersey with some great insights and an excellent book. I heard Melissa on another podcast discussing what she calls the "awesome-ness factor" and knew I had to interview her. Her own interview sessions in China are the subject of her book "An Ugly Wife is a Treasure

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Podcast #11 – How To Start Over After A Setback – Tyler Beaty

Tyler Beaty was cruising through life when things took an unexpected turn. He lost his job and had to start from the ground up. He writes consistently about what to do if you ever end up in a situation like that. Listen as we get into his story, we talk about what he learned, and

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Podcast #10 – How To Come Back from Failure & Conquer Your Fears – Brandon Grooms

Brandon Grooms is a person who's honest about his failures. He's got the greatest LinkedIn profile I've ever seen. Brandon helps people conquer their fears. Listen as he talks about his views and what actions he's taken to come back from failures. Subscribe using iTunes!     Show Information: Brandon Grooms Web : Twitter:

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Podcast #9 – How To Become an Idea Machine – Claudia Altucher

Claudia Altucher is a writer who has completely transformed her life by going through a process of creating ideas every day. If you're exiting school and aren't sure what to do next, if you're frustrated at work and wondering if you should go back to school, then this interview is going to open your eyes

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Bonus – Gary Vaynerchuk – How To Improve Relationships

Today's podcast is different from any other I've done so far. I'm going to look for different ways to interview people who inspire me, but some are out of my reach at this point. Gary Vaynerchuk is one of those. He's one of my heroes, but getting on his calendar is impossible. So I went

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Podcast #8 – Brian Honigman – Content Marketer

Today I interview Content Marketer and Social Media Consultant Brian Honigman, who's creating some truly amazing content. When I saw the Slideshare presentation on Facebook that Brian made, I knew I had to interview him! Subscribe using iTunes!   Show Information: Brian Honigman Facebook Slideshare: [slideshare id=48330531&doc=whycontentmarketersshoulddoubledownonfacebookin2015-150519115332-lva1-app6892] Web : Blog: Twitter:  

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Podcast #7 – Jennifer Lehner – Social Media Guru

Today I interview social media strategist and marketing guru Jennifer Lehner and we get deep into Twitter! Do you ever wonder why it's important to be on Twitter? Want to know how to actually be able to follow people in a manageable way? Jennifer shares her secrets in this great conversation. Subscribe using iTunes!  

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Podcast #5 – Stephen Thomson – Physiotypes

Today I interview Stephen Thomson, who has created a new way to analyze personality types. We discuss why knowing personality types are important, how to keep improving yourself no matter what personality type you are. and how to keep social media in its place. Subscribe using iTunes!   Show Information: Stephen Thomson Instagram: Recommended Reading: Please

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Podcast #4 – Mike Vacanti – On The Regimen

Today I interview personal trainer and online coach Mike Vacanti of On The Regimen (and CEO of Gary Vanyerchuk's body), discuss how fear before publishing your work online is a good thing, how to write so it's about your readers and not you, and how important macro-nutrients are to a successful diet! Subscribe using iTunes!

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Podcast #3 – Lisa Lopez – Across The Grain Studio

  Welcome to the third episode of the Podcast! Today on the show, I interview artist Lisa Lopez, discuss how to start a small business and what to charge, how to deal with haters, and why personality types matter!   Show Information: Lisa Lopez - Across the Grain Studio Web: Across the Grain Studio

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Podcast #1 – Adriana Cruz – HereNorth Photography

Welcome to the first episode of the Podcast! Today on the show, I interview photographer Adriana Cruz, discuss whether or not people are artists, and debate Instagram public vs. private profiles!   Show Information: Adriana Cruz - HereNorth Photography Web: Flickr: Video: Facebook: Instagram: Thanks for listening!

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