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Instagram Q&A – Part 2

Q&A continues to be one of my favorite things. Here's more Instagram Q&A!   Q: What are Stories? A: Stories are short, disposable posts that last for 24 hours. You can add photos or videos to your story, and people watch and tap through them like television. Viewers can reply to stories, and you’ll get

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Instagram Q&A – Part One

When I attend a conference or a talk, the Q&A section is always my favorite part. It’s one thing to prepare a talk, but it’s another to field questions from those who are trying to grasp this new information. Here's some Q&A geared toward to a small business owner or entrepreneur who is completely new

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What Are Your Questions About Instagram? Here Are 10 More Answers (Part 2)

In case you missed it, I recently answered 10 questions about Instagram here. But the questions kept coming in, so I made a second blog post. Here's round 2! 11. What type of posts encourage interaction, versus which ones get passed over? It depends on your audience, there are so many variables. I recommend posts

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What Are Your Questions About Instagram? Here’s 20 Answers (Part 1)

Last week, I started writing a book about social media, to give away for free to you. It's getting long, but I felt like it might not be addressing the questions that you might be wondering. I asked on a couple of Facebook groups filled with smart people "do you mind giving me your top

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Why Am I Seeing Less “Likes” on my Instagram posts?

I was in a meeting with the CEO and the marketing person. The marketing person doubled as the CEO's personal assistant. The CEO had just returned from a conference and was upset because he missed a session he wanted to be part of. He blamed the marketing person for this. "I don't understand why I

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Should I have Separate Social Media Accounts for Personal and My Brand?

Short answer: No. Long answer: No. Unless you have a reason you want to keep some things private. In 2015, the best way to gain a following is to have great content and: 1. Be famous, friends with someone who's famous, or go places with famous people frequently. 2. Engage in conversations with as many

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Would You Recommend Buying Twitter or Instagram Followers?

This question came up in the online session I did on Tuesday night (watch the replay here!) and since some people prefer to read, here's the answer. The general opinion of social media professionals is that buying followers is wrong. It's not authentic. It's not organic. On one level, I totally agree with that.  But

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Know Anyone for Social Media Marketing Platform?

Earlier today, one of my contacts, Rachel, posted on Facebook the following: Know anyone that needs an internship (there is a small stipend) ...See below: message me for the inside scoop.  Successful Construction and Real Estate Services Company is seeking an Intern to assist with Setting up our Social Media Marketing Platform. We’re an established

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How Can I Dispose of an old PC (and make sure my data is removed)?

People get new computers just infrequently enough to remember what to do with the old computer.  Some people say "just wipe it" or "format it" or "re-install a clean version of Windows", but those steps aren't enough. Here's why. When you reinstall an operating system, you are given the option of formatting the drive. Although

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What should I look for when buying HDMI cables?

The answer is - whichever cable is least expensive. HDMI cables are designed for connecting HDTV's to other devices, like your cable box, Blu-Ray player, XBOX, PS3, or your computer to your monitor. HDMI cables cost anywhere from $5 each (or less,  if you find a sale) to $100 each.  The difference between expensive HDMI

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I think I have a Virus – What Should I Do?

Before doing anything, make sure you actually have a virus. Did your anti-virus software alert you to something? Or is your computer acting differently than normal? If you have an alert from your anti-virus software, is it giving you any indication that the threat was quarantined or removed? Very often you might download an infected

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Why is My Computer So Slow?

This is a great question because fixing this problem costs so much less than it used to years ago. The shortest answer is - "buy and install more memory (RAM)". One of my college professors used to have a rule about upgrading an older computer before buying a new one. His rule of thumb was

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Should I Renew My Anti-Virus Software?

Why You Should Never Pay for AntiVirus Software (or, how to save $50.00 per year). Every once in a while, someone will come up to me and say - "hey, good news! I paid for the latest anti-virus software renewal updates, just like you said!" At that point, I like to turn an odd shade

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What’s the cheapest way to get Microsoft Office 2010?

I get this question so frequently, it makes you wonder why computers don't come with it pre-installed for no extra charge. Well, they do. But it's only a 60 day trial. First, let me define Microsoft Office, which is different from Microsoft Windows. Office refers to the programs typically used in a business setting -

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