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Watching Movies on Your Tablet – Or, Converting Physical Media to Digital

In this two part series, we'll be discussing why it's important to convert your media (like CDs and DVDs) to digital files (like .mp3 and .mp4) for all your various needs, including future-proofing - and how to do it. Here are some terms we'll be using throughout this article, with their definitions: Content - Media

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy An iPad (or a Tablet) … Yet

Why You Shouldn't Buy An iPad (or a Tablet) ... Yet People ask me for recommendations/opinions on tablets about once a week. Although I'd love one (especially if it was given as a gift!) I don't own one.  Lately, I've been recommending the B&N Nook Tablet to friends because of it's low price point ($200!)

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How Can I Dispose of an old PC (and make sure my data is removed)?

People get new computers just infrequently enough to remember what to do with the old computer.  Some people say "just wipe it" or "format it" or "re-install a clean version of Windows", but those steps aren't enough. Here's why. When you reinstall an operating system, you are given the option of formatting the drive. Although

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Why Google Needs $0.10 Apps

In recognition of reaching the milestone of 10 billion apps downloaded, Google has offered select apps for $0.10 over the next few days.  This is a great promotion, but Google has needed to do something like this for a long time. Here's the reason why: Android does not build loyalty in users. New Android devices

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Review: The Muppets Movie

Thanks to, we had the opportunity to see the new Muppets movie earlier today.  We've been anxiously anticipating this movie for months, watching trailers, parody trailers, and listening to the soundtrack.  This movie has been thoroughly marketed - so did it live up to the marketing?  After watching it for the 1:50 running time,

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Why You Need to Stop Using Windows XP

  Before 2000, Windows was not great. It had it's good points, but there wasn't anything worth writing home about.  Windows XP was first the consumer focused operating system  built on the Windows NT kernel, generally agreed upon to be more stable and memory efficient than Windows 95/98/98SE/ME.  Over time, Windows XP has been shown

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My Favorite Thing about Apple

Bet you never thought you'd see me say I like something Apple related!  I'll say it so everyone hears it - I love iTunes!  Not for it's music management abilities (although those are very good, in some ways), but rather, the feature of iTunes called "Airplay". What is it? Your music library is on your

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How To Communicate With Young People

  When I was younger, my parents would often suggest that I write a letter to my grandparents.  At the time, it kind of seemed like an odd thing to do, but getting a letter in the mail was (and still is) a great feeling - but I couldn't tell you the last time I

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How to Prevent Facebook Viruses (and Remove Them!)

You sign into Facebook, and are confronted with something new on your wall.  It's begging to be clicked on.  It promises you something funny, something revealing about someone else, or information about your profile you'd love to know. So - do you click on it? How could you pass that up?  Of course, it may

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5 Reasons You Should Be on Twitter

I talk about twitter a fair bit, and I notice people have one of 3 reactions.  They either say "I didn't know you were on Twitter! I'll follow you! What's your twitter name?", or they give me a vague, blank look as if to say "I already have Facebook, why do I need Twitter?" or,

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Why App Buying is Broken

Yesterday, a friend emailed me to ask if he should get an iPad or a Motorola XOOM.  He wanted my honest opinion, and so I told him what the deciding factor needed to be - did he own already own apps for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, or Android apps? Although the devices cost similar amounts, the costs

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My Top 5 Favorite Things About Android

I'm a proud Android user. Whether you want to debate about how great it is or how iOS is better (or even Windows Phone 7), there are some things about Android that are just amazing. Here they are. 1. Voice Actions  - Trying to navigate the menu of a phone while driving is challenging.  Google

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What should I look for when buying HDMI cables?

The answer is - whichever cable is least expensive. HDMI cables are designed for connecting HDTV's to other devices, like your cable box, Blu-Ray player, XBOX, PS3, or your computer to your monitor. HDMI cables cost anywhere from $5 each (or less,  if you find a sale) to $100 each.  The difference between expensive HDMI

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Why my next car will be a Ford

  Ever felt unsafe while driving and controlling your phone, MP3 player, or other device? Ever wish you could easily talk to your car, which could talk to your device, and have it accomplish the task for you? Well, that could never happen.    

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I think I have a Virus – What Should I Do?

Before doing anything, make sure you actually have a virus. Did your anti-virus software alert you to something? Or is your computer acting differently than normal? If you have an alert from your anti-virus software, is it giving you any indication that the threat was quarantined or removed? Very often you might download an infected

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Should You Buy a MAC?

A couple of years ago, a guy from work approached me. “Hey, good news!” he said. “I’m getting a Macbook this weekend!” I asked why. “I want to go online, and I’m tired of the anti-virus software trying to get me to pay. I want a Mac so I don’t have to worry about viruses.”

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Why is My Computer So Slow?

This is a great question because fixing this problem costs so much less than it used to years ago. The shortest answer is - "buy and install more memory (RAM)". One of my college professors used to have a rule about upgrading an older computer before buying a new one. His rule of thumb was

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I have Windows Vista – is that bad? Should I upgrade?

Usually, in technology, newer is better. However, with the release of Windows Vista, something happened that is rarely seen in this type of environment. Vista had certainly been a long time in coming. Typically, Windows operating systems come every couple of years (think Windows 95, Windows 98). However, Windows XP was released in October of

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Should I Renew My Anti-Virus Software?

Why You Should Never Pay for AntiVirus Software (or, how to save $50.00 per year). Every once in a while, someone will come up to me and say - "hey, good news! I paid for the latest anti-virus software renewal updates, just like you said!" At that point, I like to turn an odd shade

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Connecting a computer to the TV – and why

This subject is one that’s absolutely amazing, once you take the plunge. Sure, it’s kind of strange having a computer in the living room. Sure, you have to find somewhere to hide it, or make it look like part of the furniture. But the amount of things it opens up to you … here’s a

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What’s the cheapest way to get Microsoft Office 2010?

I get this question so frequently, it makes you wonder why computers don't come with it pre-installed for no extra charge. Well, they do. But it's only a 60 day trial. First, let me define Microsoft Office, which is different from Microsoft Windows. Office refers to the programs typically used in a business setting -

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How to Pick Your Next Mobile Phone

This is a great question I get all the time. I'm going to break this down into categories as much as possible. First, ask yourself - what do I want my mobile phone to do? Do I want to email from it? Sync with Outlook or Microsoft Exchange? Send instant messages? Install applications

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Printing on both sides

This has irked me for years. Why waste half a piece of paper when printing? Duplex printers address this issue well - they print a page out, then suck it back into print on the other side. But what if you don't have a printer that supports automatic duplexing? Printers that don't support automatic duplexing

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Your Next Computer

Often, I get asked by friends and family what they should get as a new computer. My first question is always in regard to budget, and what you’ll be doing with the machine. Are you going to just go on the Internet, email, store pictures and music, and do some word processing? If so - this article is for you.

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