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Are You Bored At Work?

Are you on Buzzfeed right now? Or Facebook? Or LinkedIn? Let me guess what you’re doing.

You’re sitting at work, reading articles all day, pretending to be working. You’re bored. You’re frustrated. You feel trapped. You know you’re slowly wasting your life sitting and working for someone else. But you’re earning a paycheck, who wants to give up that? Having a nice steady paycheck at a boring job is OK.

The reality is that having a steady job that’s boring is acceptable for a while. One day, you’ll wake up and realize you don’t like it anymore, in fact, you might even hate it, so you start bribing yourself to go to work, probably with food. You tell yourself things like “You can stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way!” Over time, that won’t work anymore, so you’ll turn to bigger and better bribes. “You can go to Dunkin Donuts on the way, then drinks after work!” You become heavier, and therefore, more bitter. You blame the job for making you this way.

Why did you end up this way? It’s because you lacked an outlet. I’m going on record right now as saying a job is great, because it allows you freedom during the time you’re not working. You can have an outlet that lets you get creative, or in shape, or smarter. Your outlet could be something that makes you money, or something that costs you money, it doesn’t matter. The point is that you look at those 40 hours at work as a gateway to something greater.

So take that time you have left over. Take an hour a night. Or take 15 minutes. You have to take time every day, though. Use that time and work toward something greater. Here are some ideas:
1. Take a topic you don’t know about but are interested in. Watch a YouTube video about it, or watch all the YouTube videos about it. Figure out how to make a better YouTube video about that topic.
2. Figure out what you know that a teenager would want to learn. Find some kids who are hard working, start teaching them what you know, and show them how to make money from that. Or teach them how to sell your work to people they know for a commission.
3. What does your employer need to move forward? Make a list of ideas, type them up in an email to your boss, and save it in your drafts folder. Leave your computer on and push “send” on that email when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.
4. What’s something people are often scared of? Find someone who conquered that fear, and interview them. What made them want to conquer that fear? What steps did they take? How did it work out? Now find people who have that fear, and introduce them to the person who conquered that fear. Introduce them in real life, or set up a webinar, or make a podcast of the interview. Set up a way for people to ask questions.
5. Who are the most creative people you know? Make a list, and have them all over or set up a lunch. They’ll think of you as the person who knows lots of creative people, and you’ll become a trusted resource for them. You’ll be the guy who knows great people. What’s better than that?

I have tons of ideas. I don’t have time for them, sometimes I don’t even have the time to write them down. Someone should come up with an idea for people like me.

Ideas are amazing things. Sometimes you have an idea, and you tell someone about it. They hear it, put it together with another idea – BOOM! – that’s called Idea Sex – and a new idea comes out. That’s called an Idea Baby. It’s an improvement on the original ideas.

I’m looking for people who feel trapped my their job, they’re bored at work, and they’re ready for whatever’s going to come next. I’ll work with you to find what’s next. I’ll help you find the people who believe in you, who support your ideas and your cause, and want to pay you for your ideas.

Ideas are the new currency.

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