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5 Things Blackberry Can Do To Save Itself


Every morning, I walk past a giant screen advertising Blackberry’s latest devices.  I have a Blackberry for work, and I am not interested at all in their devices, mostly because I’m already invested in an app eco-system – Android.  Which got me thinking – what could Blackberry do to save itself?


#1. Give away their phone to everyone for who walks into a  phone store asking for it for the next 3 days to create buzz, regardless of whether they are eligible for upgrade or not.  That will be the kick-start their marketing needs.



#2. Give anyone who’s a developer a free phone and free SDK so they can start making great apps. Give away money for the best apps weekly to encourage creativity.

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#3. Have developer classes for kids, who know nothing about programming but want to make apps. Teach them everything they need to know to build great apps from the ground up on their own. Then set them loose.


#4. Make or buy or steal the best on-screen-keyboard on the market and talk about it/market-it non-stop. I love Swype but no one I know uses it apart from me – but I’m SO fast on it, while other people constantly send me texts with typos.

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#5. Have classes for older people, who are the segment most likely to have an older (non-smartphone) device.  Show them the value of having a Blackberry, and they’ll love you forever (particularly if you show them how to communicate with their grandchildren.)


Those are the 5 things Blackberry can do today to really get things going.  And for their sake, I hope Blackberry can get things to turn around.

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