1.What is a hashtag? Hashtags (# sign) are for grouping posts together so people can find your post. Searching a hashtag lets you see all the posts with that tag. You can even follow hashtags you want to keep close tabs on, and the best posts from that hashtag will show up in your feed automatically.

2. Pay attention to the numbers! When adding hashtags to a post, Instagram shows you how many posts are using that hashtag already. Don’t bother using hashtags that have over 1,000,000 posts because your post will be buried. Focus on using hashtags that have between 1,000 and 500,000 posts.

3.Get booked for work! People do find who they want to hire based on hashtags. My friend Adriana had a client hire her after searching #NJPhotographer, seeing Adriana’s work, following her, then booking her services for a wedding. I just texted Adrianna to confirm that it was ok to use this example and she told me she’s gotten many inquiries this way and has booked 4 clients this way!

4. Hashtags don’t work if your account is set to private, so don’t bother. You won’t show up in any searches of that hashtag.

5. Save yourself typing them out! You can save hashtags in a note on your phone so you can paste them into future posts!


Have you had success with hashtags? What’s worked for you?

Photo credit: @lnphotoart