Jen Lehner teaches digital marketing and has built an amazing community on Facebook called “The Front Row”. She has some great social media courses and even has a course on how to make your own course.

Jen talks about her Instagram strategies for posts, ads, building a community, stories, livestreaming, and more.

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Grow Your Instagram Following with these Five Advanced Instagram Strategies I Learned from Jen Lehner of JenLehnerMedia

1. Build a community and engage with the people in that group. Be present, and be responsive.
2. Make a content creation assembly line. After making a video or blog post, schedule posts to all relevant posting locations using something like Use a tool that can automatically remove “sales-type” posts during a promotional period.
3. Since there’s only one place to post a link on Instagram (in your bio!) manually change the link in your bio to point to your new content.
4. People are ready for real. Use Instagram posts for professional side of things and use Instagram Stories for the personal “behind-the-scenes” view.
5. Make your livestream content extremely compelling. If you’re sharing something incredibly valuable each time, users will be sure not to miss future livestreams. It can be teaching something very basic that many beginners don’t know.

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